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Render and Cladding Cleaning

Professional Cleaning with softwash

We specialise in cleaning, and restoring, all types of metal cladding cleaning services, working throughout the U.K. Our experience and knowledge in this field help us to identify the correct systems of work, and materials to use, so that not only are outstanding results produced but importantly no damage is done to the coating. Pressure washing is not suitable for metal cladding as the high pressure can damage the substrate, and water can track through the fixings causing numerous problems.

Often marketed as maintenance free, but due to the damp climate there are many examples of buildings becoming soiled and dirty. This makes the building looked tired and uncared for, but unless the Render is cleaned and treated, the organic growths can cause mechanical damage to the surface, resulting in expensive remedial treatment.

Cleaning the through coloured Render rather than over-painting is not only cost effective, but will produce much better, and longer lasting results. Painting over organic growth will only seal in the pollutants, and could result in mechanical damage.

Our low pressure, high volume Render and Cladder cleaning is sympathetic to the substrate, and effectively targets the cause of the staining, by killing the spores and sanitising the surface. Further treatments can be applied that continue to work over time, and will ensure that the Render and Cladder stays cleaner for longer.

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Photo of professional cleaning of solar panel on the roof

Frequently Asked Questions

b) How can I book an appointment?

You may book the appointment directly online via our booking page and write your desired date, as well as via email info@midlandssoftwash.com, phone (0772 305 5917) or WhatsApp.

c) How much time in advance I have to order?

Normally minimum 7 days notice for window cleaning, gutter and fascia cleaning Minimum 21 days for roof cleaning and softwash treatments.

a) Must I be present when you clean?

You do not have to be on site during cleaning. It is only important that you let us in and that we have a thorough briefing. We also need access to a water supply.
Immediately after the service, we recommend that you have the cleaning done. This will help us to avoid subsequent complaints and to ensure that the cleaning meets your requirements.

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